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Doors are another important element of your home energy efficiency. In the production of modern doors only high-quality materials are used which allows to keep your house warm and prevent loss of energy. We offer a great selection of types, designs, and colors. 
The most common type of entry door is the wood frame system with the steel-plated door slab. The door frame is made of high-quality varieties of wood covered with vinyl skin inside and out which makes it maintenance-free.
The door slab consists of a wooden frame covered with a durable steel plate and filled in with high-quality insulating material. The doors are painted using a huge selection of high-quality paint colors that are resistant to fading and other adverse environmental effects.
Sliding doors are the most commonly used as entry doors leading to a patio, sunroom, deck or backyard. The sliding door consists of two or more full glass sections that slide open and closed in upper and lower tracks. Sliders are also available in single-opening and double-opening styles.
To extend your design options, you may choose panels with internal blinds or grilles. Internal blinds are not only beautiful, but they also will regulate the amount of light that enters the room. If you enjoy a partial light but need a touch of privacy, this will be a perfect choice.  
Screen door located on the outside of the operable part provides protection barrier against insects.
Locking system including the main standard lock which can be upgraded to key-lock, The kick-lock installed on the bottom of the mobile panel has two positions for closing which allow keeping the door open for ventilation and at the same time inaccessible to outside penetration which improves security.
Each panel consists of a metal frame covered with vinyl skin; the glass units are made of hard-to-break tempered thermal glass with Low-E coating and Argon gas filling.
Sliding Doors are very popular because they are easy to operate and do not take up much space.
STORM DOORS and Porch Enclosures
Storm Doors and Porch Enclosures are designed and manufactured to suit our Canadian climate. Properly designed and installed storm doors and porch enclosures will provide some degree of increased efficiency, as well as protection from the weather. And, with screen inserts, they will provide summer ventilation.
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