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Window before and after repair
Temperature changes and house foundation movements are leading to the cracks in the connecting material between two glasses, so-called “spacer” (an aluminum strip that connects the two glasses). Through those cracks, moisture penetrates the sealed units. The result is a FOGGY GLASS (see the picture “before” above). Since the sealed unit is broken and no longer is a sufficient barrier, condensation also accumulates on the inner surface of the bottom of the window. In the winter time, it leads to the formation of ice, resulting in damage to the window frame, the appearance of the mold that is particularly dangerous for children and people with respiratory problems.
This problem is very common for new homes (1-5 years old) but can also affect older houses. Construction companies might not pay enough attention to the quality of the materials that are used for the production of windows and sealed units in particular. Most of the times it is the most basic option/quality which does not have gas filling (Argon) and Low-E/Low-E2 coating, which affects the Energy Efficiency.
We offer fast and reliable replacement of quality glass sealed units. Our standard offer includes:
  • Cardinal Glass
  • Super Spacer
  • Argon Gas Filing
  • Low-E2 coating
  • Rubber Bumpers Replacement
  • Disposal of your old sealed units
Not all of sealed unit can be replaced due to the window profile, to find out if your foggy glass can be replaced, please contact us.
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