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PVC windows are relatively new, having only been introduced during the last 25 years. These windows are extruded from high-impact resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 100% lead-free. PVC windows have excellent weathering characteristics, are almost maintenance-FREE and have excellent resistance to heat loss.
The double glass panes made of high quality energy efficient materials, have Low E2 or Low E3 coating and heavy gas (Argon or Krypton) inside of sealed units. Super spacer which is made of a very flexible and thermo-resistant material makes it impossible for the occurrence of moisture inside the sealed unit also known as foggy glass.
To emphasize the style of your house or give it more personality, we offer a large selection of colors for the exterior and decorative grilles of the various configurations.
All these modern technologies and high quality assembly in conjunction with a sensible setting makes our products the best in the Canadian market.


Swing outward on side hinges. These windows can be hinged right or left and are operated with a folding crank. Casement windows provide almost 100% ventilation area, because they can be fully opened. These windows are designed for easy cleaning, When fully open, they have sufficient space for accessing the external side of the glass from inside. 




Pivot at the top and have outward-swinging sash. Awning windows are operated with a roto-gear lever so that the window can be adjusted to keep out rain but let fresh air in. This type of window is highly recommended for installations in a kitchen as it has a large area of clear glass without any posts and a handle located at the bottom of the window, which makes it easy to reach



Offer excellent control of ventilation. They have an upper outside sash that slides down and lower inside sash that slides up. Hidden springs help lift, lower and position the sash. The sash can be tilted in for cleaning purposes.



Are similar to double-hung windows, except that the only bottom sash moves and the top panel is fixed. The bottom sash can be tilted in for cleaning purposes.





Are fixed windows that do not open. They are used to let in a lot of light and to take advantage of a view. Picture windows are often used in combination with operable windows.





These windows have sash that slides horizontally. Single sliders have one fixed sash, while double sliders have two movable sashes. The sash can be tilted in for cleaning purpose.



Bays and Bows are a combination of windows that project outward from a building wall.


Bow window has more than three sections set at gentle angles (usually 10°) that give the window a curved appearance (like a bow).


Bay window has a fixed centre window parallel to the wall flanked by two operating windows (casement or hung windows) attached at an angle (45° or 60°). 




There are many shapes of windows we can offer, including circles, half rounds, octagons, fans and many others geometric shapes.  Shaped windows can give a curved appearance to a building or can simply add charm and character to a room.


There are many geometric shapes windows. Of the many different windows custom designs, a long-time favourite is the round-top window. Round-top windows can stand alone or be used as a crowning accessory to other windows. They look stunning over an entry door, picture or bathroom windows. The applications for beautiful round-top windows are limitless.

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